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Thermobaby TUDI Booster Seat / High Chair

Childcare product design for the booster seat / high chair TUDI. Products were designed in our Studio and made in France for Thermobaby SAS, Auray France, 2019.


In partnership with Actech, our technical design office, we designed a monobloc booster seat and a footrest base to use it as a high chair for toddlers. These products are entirely made in France and are designed in order to save logistics production costs. The booster seat is destined to the large distribution and the high chair to the specialized market.


The design of the seat with its assumed armrest and its soft curves reminds the comfort of a classic armchair and allows the good position of the child. We have been mindful of details on all the intelligence of the object to develop a product with high added value.

We place the child at the core of our process to design reassuring and durable products

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