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"We boost you !"
Childhood and made in France products for your designs

What if we boost ourselves to live better?

This is the question that our studio tries to answer every day. We exchange, draw, model and test solutions for an economic and social world that we try to make better, with humility and sincerity. We believe that the objects that surround us and through which we exist must bring us good.

The complexity of the environments in which we evolve leads us to believe that well-being, doing well and having well must now be at the center of all our attentions. In France, we are a country of creators and authors, and the ideas and stories that accompany us are built on a desire to do what is best.

From this national requirement, design is the means we have chosen to act and make creation tangible and palpable. Our role is critical, we have the responsibility to listen and understand the sensitive issues of our clients in order to bring them new views and concrete answers on their plans.

Based in the heart of Nantes, we benefit from the dynamic growth of a city in mutation, turned towards preferable futures, those we build. "Neptune favors those who dare" is the adage of the city of the Dukes, which knows how to inspire us and make us work in a spirit of challenge and ambition.

We boost them

We work for different types of clients and partners in France and abroad. The diversity of our interventions and our care for tailor-made solutions allow us to act as well for large companies, SMEs and ambitious start-ups.

We are boosting with

Our network of partners and collaborators allows us to feed and increase our strength of action on all types of projects.


Let's get in touch!

Studioboost • Capitainerie de l'île de Versailles
44000 Nantes - France // +33 (0)6 50 72 27 20
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