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We believe that the industry must design for living better. Growth must evolve now for developing more well. The well-being, the well-doing and the well-having must refocus our creative processes. In order to do that, we think that emotion, collective intelligence and users observation are the main fields to invest in the industrial world to come. They will create value in the near future, at all levels.

Childhood is a state of learning which lasts a few years, but at Studio Boost we think that it is going during the entire life. Childhood is for us a catalyst for innovation. We use this expertise as an overtaking and a discovery tool. This is an action which allows us to create an optimistic and sensitive future.

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Nous travaillons pour différents types de clients et de partenaires en France et à l'étranger. La diversité de nos interventions et notre soin du sur-mesure nous permet d'agir aussi bien pour des grands-groupes, des PMEs et des start-ups ambitieuses.

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Placé au coeur d'un réseau riche en évènements, rencontres et collaborations, notre studio participe à un écosystème dynamique pour lequel nous mettons à profit nos compétences et par lequel nous progressons chaque jour.

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