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Sophie the Giraffe Motor skills set

Creation and design of the Wheel and the Cloud of motor skills for Sophie the Giraffe. Toys are designed in our studio and manufactured by Vulli, 2023.


Our mission was to design a new collection of textile and foam motor skills elements in the So Fresh range from Sophie the Giraffe. Vulli wanted, through this work, to better position itself in motor development products for babies.

Our design study was based on the 3 types of motor skills (hand, object manipulation and body) to create these 2 toys in textile and high density foam.

For several years, we have been working on the psychomotor development of toddlers and studying the stages of baby's movements, especially when they go from a lying position to a standing position in a few months.


The toys have simple, safe shapes, they are slightly scalable to help the child discover their movements.

  • Lying on his stomach: baby strengthens his neck and back and awakens to manipulation thanks to the various activities present (mirror, tabs, crumpled paper, rattle, etc.)

  • By crawling : baby tries to climb the steps and come down on the other side of the cloud and the wheel. He thus develops his balance and works on his supports.

  • Standing up: then, when the baby grows, the cloud serves as a base for him to stand up and pass over it. He has fun rolling the wheel and following her on all fours and even encourages her to take her first steps.

We based our work on the principles of free motor skills. The child is the own initiator of his movements, he acquires his motor skills under the sole observation of his parents.

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