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Diffuzio light

Creation and design of Diffuzio’s collection of lights, project prototyped and designed by our own studio, open to publishing, France, 2022.


Diffusing light by playing on the extrusion of an organic form, this is the starting point of Diffuzio's design thinking. How will the light, located at the heart of a structure, be diffused ? How will the different intensities of refraction on certain walls react ? What light object does the extrusion shape ?


We have developed a cellular structure printed in 3D which makes it possible to work at different lengths and therefore to be able to adapt to different types of luminaires.

The collection consists of wall lights, pendant lights, floor or table lamps. The interlacing of the structure diffuses different light intensities that reveal the depth of the form and its organic, almost floral identity.

The light radiation is diffused in the continuity of the translucent walls to reveal a shape.

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