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Dock Stool

Dock Stool is a “manifesto” collection that explores the world of boats and plays on the perception of balance and dynamism. The project was prototyped in partnership with AFPIA de Montaigu (85) and its students from the BTS of Wood Development and Realization, 2017.


Our main objective for this collection was to explore the nautical codes, its dynamism and its notion of balance in a wood realization. We have used model making at different levels in our research to validate our steps and designs.


Our design was guided by a good understanding of the technical assemblies and the challenges driven by a strong aesthetic. To do this, we asked students of BTS DRB to realize a technical study and to make high-fidelity prototypes in order to oversee the series production.

As a manifesto project, Dock Stool allowed us to work deeply on our model-making methods and to assimilate a new know-how.

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