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Thermobaby Bath products

Design of bath elements for Thermobaby. The products were designed in our studio and manufactured in France for Thermobaby SAS, Auray, 2020.


We have designed two bathing aid products for Thermobaby, the objective was to imagine simple and elegant solutions for first prices at major distributors. We had to study precisely the production costs, the quantity of material and the storage. Made in France goes through optimization values to offer entry-level products that are competitive and still just as safe, fun and ergonomic.


In the continuity of our work at Thermobaby, we have met user expectations while maintaining French production by studying clever and technical solutions that reduce project costs.

Results : the transport and shelving volumes were divided by 5. We spent less energy and less packaging during production. The products are therefore made in France and very accessible to as many people as possible.

Design not only responds to the final use of the product, it also allows the position on the market, at the right price within the economic context.

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