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Les Roquettes

Les Roquettes is a collection of art objects that questions the future of aerospace. We want to express a new imaginary of space conquest by launching two rockets with plants on board. Collection is designed and made in our studio, 2019.


Our main objective for this collection was to draw a poetic vision of space conquest with fun and generosity in order to express a dreamy and idealistic future. By doing so, we also wanted to improve our in-house know-how in 3D print, prototyping, and technical development.


After different iterative phases, we've designed and prototyped two rockets and a stand. We were interested in lines and colors to finally create a duo of objects, working both individually and in pair.

To conquer space is not the question of why we do it. It is the question of what we do.

Let's get in touch!

Studioboost • Capitainerie de l'île de Versailles
44000 Nantes - France // +33 (0)6 50 72 27 20

Les Minimondes

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