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Paum is a collection of 3D printed liquid containers, made in ceramic resin. In-house design project, 2022


The liquid containers do not have a handle and perform this function themselves. Hot liquids are then felt in a delicate and warm touch when holding the zebra surface. This also offers an ideal grip for handling them.


The zebra wall is both functional and aesthetic due to its design of full and empty spaces. Instead of using the slip casting process where this kind of shapes cannot be mold, additive manufacturing is an answer to explore new forms and functions.
To do so, we use Ceramic Resin, an innovative material produced by Formlabs Inc., one of the main leaders in the additive manufacturing market. Through this collection we work with the characteristics of it, in order to sublimate them with a new design, which turns out to be beautiful and practical in daily use.

The esthetic is inspired by technical braided hose and traditional pottery. It builds a dialogue of symbols related to the technicity of the objects.

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Sophie La Girafe

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