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Nature & Découvertes Galopins des Bois

Creation and design of the Galopins des Bois collection. Toys designed in our studio and manufactured by Nature & Découvertes, 2023.


New collection of 7 toys designed in collaboration with Caroline Bourles from Bikini sous la Pluie. Nature & Découvertes wanted to call on the creative duo to renew and enrich their collection with a good correlation between the graphic universe and the product universe.


The idea was to develop games and toys around the most common animals in our region, those that children will undoubtedly have the chance to come across during a walk in the woods or an exploration of the bottom of the garden !

The 7 educational toys stimulate the senses and improve children's dexterity, particularly eye/hand coordination and develop agility. The collection consists of an activity table, a walking cart, jumping animals, a train, an activity cube, a stackable one and a balancing game. They are made from FSC certified wood.

The point was to immerse ourselves in a poetic and natural universe, to emerge happy situations between animals and their environments.

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