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Ludi Picoton

Creation and design of a preschool construction toy. Toy is designed in our studio and manufactured in Asia by JBM Ludi, France, 2022.


Picoton is an evolving construction toy, from 10 months. The faces of the picotons are easy to nest together. Male and female plugs encourage children to think so that the connection is made. Color coding facilitates nesting logic. The spirit of coordination is required !
Designed for the development of dexterity and fine motor skills, the picotons are easy to handle. Their soft textures, bright colors and geometric reliefs stimulate children's interest.
Here, there is no directed construction, the pieces evoke totemic figures which awaken imagination and creativity.


We started from the observation of children from 10 months and their grasping gestures to explore the world, and we observed that their motor skills develop especially in exploration and movement. Particularly in the gestures of hand-hand connection, hand-mouth and throwing of the object. With this in mind, we designed and tested Picoton with children. Our goal was for them to manipulate the elements with ease and skill, even in destruction.

We approached failure as a game in itself, an assumed pleasure, a reality in which the child explores while having fun !

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